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The appearance of the new KRAKEN was an event that was expected by tens of thousands of users who were left without a quality resource for the sale of prohibited goods. Since mid-2022, darknet marketplaces have been collapsing, and in In this article, we will explain what led to this situation. The first rumors about the website appeared in late 2022 - early 2023. However, few people were surprised by the appearance of such a platform, since everyone expected that the new site was bound to appear sooner or later. This is due to the fact that in mid-2022, the leading darknet platform, Hydra, was closed.

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Hydra was considered a top resource with a huge audience, many services and thousands of mirrors. They tried to close Hydra for a long time, but it was only possible in May 2022 the year when all the servers that stored the platform data were arrested. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of users were left without the opportunity to shop. All that was left for them was to wait for the Hydra to transform into something new and improved. And six months later, the Kraken appeared. There is no information from the owners of the resource that the KRAKEN is the heir to Hydra, and the administration does not comment on this information. However, according to many characteristics, such as: availability of services,approach to user support and even the style of design - many understand that the KRAKEN is the old Hydra. It retains key features and attracts users with its reliability and quality of the products offered. has become the new top resource in the darknet world, providing the opportunity to purchase prohibited goods.